scary monde

the studies of our civilisation is not one i should have started
i have a weak health and fight to get it better,plus all this on an emotional scale was far too much pain to take in all at once,
well, it feels like it, I had hopped that all you witnessed as i did,
and acted and were acting to make the world better,
i have witnessed beautifull moments, shared a lot,
not enough lately,as last year,
then, i had sad events following days, nights,not stopping,
as i kept on going,

this is really more difficult than i had first thought, then, no, i knew it was not easy as almost impossible

i can write stories invented or reported
but i cant change humanity and the world,
it is frustrating, is it not?

i can draw with my emotions
and it is beautifull
i love seing other ones artistic beauties
i need not to be alone!

i dont want to be rubbish, i am rubbish at rolling a joint
i dont want to be the best, so what if i am at something?
i just want to be, alive, living

it is not a given for all

i find it a shame,
i think others do too
as human nature has a way, with love and making babies

depending on what you know the fear is not the same, but we all need each other to get by, as love helps so much


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