i am on a design
it has to be
you never got the round table
i get its beauty within
put a light, meaning not a being,not a living thing, a way for basic needs to be there for all, you place this as the core, or the middle , or the center ;please, for the word, make it of your choosing aslong as the meaning is not lost and we all understand each other and consider living being and things as part of the “all”,
in it, you place your ideas,values, what they call a graal, that of a the great
not the powerfull, not the weak, not the highest, not the lowest…

the for all in the common wanting are part of what is called words of wisdom that purify things, the kindness and nature preserved, evolution helped and carried out by strenght of keeping what harms too much all the common shared needs, basic needs for all,to be well balanced with no such injustices as the ones humans are fighting for in great numbers and that, i dare say,i saw in all places, and they are at war, that explains my passing on the feeling of this rush and anger i feel?

///\\\///\\\this center piece is clear in my mind, not precise in your words\\\///\\\///

you do not place god as the core or center, no need to fight
as the table is round
no need to panick as the way you feel at ease turning and no matter your pace,
this is the desk i d agree to be part of,
i have such power that, in my good heart of today,
i am great
but with a mean one, that power can harm, and should not be the goal anyway,
logic calls on me
to let you know of Camelot s lost words


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