shooting stars

hey now
know that tune
go, go for the moon
hey now
hey now
you are a what?
nope, not a rock star
nope, not a shooting star
nope, not a star any fucking thing
in my eye, i hope i stay fucking shadow to you lot! lol,
nope, not all
some are awesome as fuck
the other shite
when i shine, or shoot what again, stars?
who and what are stars now?
think hard and carefully?
why the fuck, who starts off,
aged five and keeps the same stars?
i am waiting people?
you lot are boring farts and fucks who never evolve then?
one record for life, should i say<>
maybe, just maybe, for a few handfull,
in life, you never know

that song, how can i not love to hear it
possibly if i listen to the words,
instead of reminding myself of the skate boarding game it srpings to mind
then, fuck, i have been writing,
my music has changed, this is soul after punkrock
then, why oh why is cupidon in the song?
yep, i am talking all about something to get my mind of that shity loveless life of no geting where?
so, he s singing about cupidon with soul and happy,
he knows me per heart, i ‘m his little sister?
lol, going without music would be a dread
your ways were scaring me
are we finally off course shitness in too much quantity and in too many bright and shiny minds,
now, keep all music, even the one i dread, i may enjoy it some day,
should i be so lucky to go through more cycles,
more to the point,
should you all be so lucky too
bunch of mother fucking idiots some places i know,
do not want to hear about it because they know music too much,
they studied solfège, people,
you got to get it now, solfège
elaborate, light effect, they did not see them?
how about the rez game, no reflex enough men and women?
missed out on that beauty may you not enjoy techno beats so much,
the shear pride of hitting each note without a guide?
come on?

well, for what it is not worth, copyright has done my head in
yes, how do you think they deal with it in a few thousand of years?
lets say the pre spelling missed letters keyed in, end the note on some elp, the name of the third band, the second one? the first one?

‘ahorch well’
i follow rivers came on


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