The Heartbreak of Alzheimers

cannot wait for the war to be over to study this and find some cure for this dreadfull Blow in anyine ‘s life

The Ramblings of An Anon Viking Pyrate ~ Anon99percenter ~

Among all the major diseases that kill people, Alzheimers alone has no treatment that slows its progress, there is no cure, and in recent studies, of the top ten diseases that kill people, ONLY Alzheimers was increasing
in the number of cases diagnosed.

It is often said, and with great accuracy, one dies WITH Alzheimers or FROM it. There are no known cases of spontaneous remission that I could find, in the face of the fact that there are documented spontaneous remissions of cancer.

I can recall that as a young man, I knew what Alzheimer’s disease WAS, but didn’t think much about it, believing it was just a nuisance that happened somewhere near the end of a person’s life, that even though it might cause some confusion in the person afflicted, it was not that big a deal.

When my Mother developed the disease, I soon learned how ignorant…

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