The “But For…” in the Sandra Bland case

The Ramblings of An Anon Viking Pyrate ~ Anon99percenter ~

Word of Caution: Certain phrases are used herein that are offensive…but their use is integral to express certain feelings of racist Southern law officers. In advance, please forgive my need to use them.

Sandra Bland’s life had taken a turn for the better. She had a great job waiting for her in Texas…a good enough job that she drove from Illinois to be there for her first day at work. Driving from Illinois, she went through various jurisdictions, many redlight stops, stopsigns, but, made it to Texas without a problem. She was excited and when you are excited, sometimes your focus gets misdirected to that inner monologue you find yourself exploring.

She saw a cop behind her, and as MANY of us do, hoping he is not after us, as quickly as she could, she moved to the other lane to let him go by. But he wasn’t after someone…

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