BH \/\ /\/\


my domain, do  not ask me where the keys are or if there are mine to call, as i do not even know where to continue,  even the shape of my lock is a mystery,so never mind finding the key shape!

i was over the moon which btw-BY THE WAY-was blue last night

spacebar is when you take it off made in US, always underneath it all(the bug is he legal for this appi?app?ap?appli?apli?application?aplicantfilehelper?and so on;

which word and where would beam my rain, love to bow BH pointers

How R (are) you enjoying BH analyzes so far?

spacebar has also a big arrow to the bar in space, now, read in your twenty second finaly evolved century(you should have all my science clued back on a big board by now)and you will get it

x being a letter shoud only be used as a langage tool

not having been the highest contribution, the idea to take it out somewhere to give that place the protection it needs

so the x was stolen by snowbaording actor studios, no just, extreme sport, hey guyz, love you too, give the letter back its true function now, will ya? (will you with a southern accent, to know that my rogue, the heroïne i felt the closest too, was from texas, the town that in term of gaps, has brought the most terrible news as it was like the one , killing even with different strategies, morals, traditions, the rage is such a dominant one

there are many streams in this need for what i would rather let be a bridge, ferry, vessel, stiches, because, there is not one revolution that was made without blood, so, i know at the fundation of the word

revolution, it was the moon going around as the sun, well, before they knew or not, of the round EartH, they saw the moon twice as much ad the sun, then for some reason, some ass fucked it up si much that if anyone someone, was to beep this, it would be a crime of immense taxing value, as beeping the metaphore plain direct and clear of a stain , blood on something that means it is turning around is an OUTRAGE

Back to that new place of mine, it is too big to fit in cases, yes

i got my answer, no one else , not another single one, has kept their adress, address and place/domain name long like mine,linking though they apply a strict limitaiton there, which is my negociating starting block(i was told to reveal your card only to your heads, who spoke of a card? not the one thinking poker is boring, shall i add)

my starting point is under the surface and has been working smashing non stop

so , why the french chose the english, i am a big fan of logic, english have an amazing logic, different, not something you read or watch(as a reminder of souvenirs and warthm cheekboning: it is worth all those movies), you live it, and it can be the turning point of your life, because you then, understand what teachings do, what all details, in the color of the sky, the sign telling you to stop

when you see that it is reversed, things get hazy

with time, you put it back together like a big puzzle and you can find yourself lucky enough to have the world s biggest puzzle, with all its pieces, accumulated in a journey

and when you find you have the pieces, you find that they are too heavy to carry, and demand reshaping, sharpening, and so on,

then, when you know the puzzle is made of myst, fog, love, rain, rainbow, sun, moon, water,electricity and so on

when you are surrounded by a world that has a need to GRASP IT or they  BOOT IT

for someone who usually looses the pieces for years not bothering so much about much appart from the pieces of my puzzle, our vessel, the blue marbble, and if i have lost my marbbles

so shall you have this pleasure

to have grasped possibly what lies in a drop of happiness

now to that letter, being used tripply well, a hat trick for some, for me, not protecting the ones that give something others need and are afraid to admit has led to terrible tragedies, so the letter being an economic way as it gives somehow taking the three exes, that, now are we lucky if we have less or more than three exes? women and men be their youth filled their hearts as a reminder of once upon a time, a woman giving birth to a tiny baby that is YOU,

do not believe what you see on tv, the kids, tell them the flowers, birds, magic

big fellows all sexes, we come from the WOUMB in a shape of ❤ , inferior sign reversed in superior and 1+1+1 also 1+1 = 1, in a mathematical purist way of saying give the universe back its mathematics anyway possible if you can

i ll give it a shot, and if finding that all was needed was just to say turn it around to ease on the hitch, add an S, stich instead of moaning or leaking , both in the waiting, not living the moment as what they have been trying so hard all the “enlightenneers” and your stars and our adored who either is number one or a double number two 😉  ,

do i need to apologize to feel strange? because if that sufficed, hourra

i nailed it, the rest is superbe ornaments to my autobiogrphie or my life?

if i m alive can i call it MY LIFE,and if in 2173, now, who knows, if the year they turned something around, would be recorded if the same year, there was a revolution with the technological at hand, so to end on my french, que je surkiffe : pouf or paf pas de pif sur le support le plus utilisé pour la belle(référence aux spaghetti et je suis une femme, je m’associe à belle avant de m’associer au clochard) est une question de temps

i have writen this to the sound of what makes my inside feel something

telling you which one will not tell you the one for you because this is ART not EartH ,

<<ART is proper to each and every single one of you and me making us

EartH is what make this ART live on

EartH is simply ALL

not ever one art will know it all

not ever one art will show it all

not ever one art will live without a HEart having brought LIFE>>

c’est magnifique en anglais, après, battez vous si vous voulez, je vous vois venir avant comme ça, et j’ai enfin l’espoir de vous voir arriver plus content


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