<<how to make friends with the whole wide world, saying:
I find chess and poker boring, what about you?>>
so, typical responses, where do they come from?
lets see how the little friends i have encountered reply to my cursing on POKER and CHESS:
response of the person sitting other there, having just played the best game of poker, being an early amateur,

He has been introduced to the game by his beloved grand father, who died three days ago,

he had to work yesterday and someone did not know, and made a joke on his black eye!!!
ouch, ooooo boy, which will be the reaction now, will he curse? will the person having lived that and reading this, will not think i am a stupid bitch now, ?
and the guy who stole his wallet and beat the crap out of him last week, he loves poker too, would you know it,
now, if i wrote it last night, he would have applauded my comment and said you so fucking rite there, i hate it too, he finally had mananged to get his hand on a gun,
he finally got back on the track,
he had to pay for the credit of the loan to pay for the credit of the insurrance for the house his kids ex wife and new boy friend with his kids live, the mortgage was on his name only, and his ex is a bitch he says coz she reported him to the authorities,
he was drunk, she did not have a black eye, and she asked for it,
so that one dude who loves poker too, is at a game,
he just got his gun, he s feeling it, he s been wining all night, this is good, really good, he puts all in, the other one does too, the next one,
follows on with i put my swiss handmade watch in if you think you can, what do you say we rise it, what about that firearm,
stan is dead, stan, another one who loves poker too, different story, stan, has told his friend to go to easties, he s a bit light headed, there is an easities,
it is not the tobacco shop with ramones table, it is the ruffians, which, will be so impossible for stan to explain to the gunless poker lover who, then,
if i wrote that today, which i am, so he reads that today, he has gotten his gun back and in a amazing poker game and the extra ordinary way it all happened would have him calling me a stupid bitch and as his style,
<<you would know your flush if you d seen one flashing at you ah ah aha ha ah, that s why you aint liking it huney>>
stan is dead, so not a if he reads that tonight, what if he did this morning?or this afternoon?
this morning he gets up, goes round to westies in his head,
he was still on a bad name, so off he gets in easties,
gets to meet old friends, not seen them since uni, when they had so many poker nights, they re having coffee,
he does not want them to see him, so he gets down to the room, he assumes,
he s not in the right place and his old mates are disturbing him,
the guy behind the counter hailes him, the guy being the counter curses at him <<hey wtf man>>wtf=WHAT THE FVCK
then it hits him, where the fuck is he and where s Shona the kkk psychopath? she s the one who gave him the adress,Shona is the one he goes to for sexe, stan has a complicated “life”
sexe is complicated, Shona does not like poker so much as chess, but loves a great strip poker better than the chess strip, well,
she likes when there are men around her,
she only goes to a place having taken the time to check that no black church singer was there,
her mama her papa and their parents before them have told her, and that ever since she was a little girl,
<<that black church is a disgrace to Elvis>>, <<the white truest gospel owner>>,
that michael jackson who s tried to impersonate him, yeah pretty cooked up,
but it did not stop the kkk to enroll them and embrace that fabulous familly who shared strong high thoughts dear to their ways of living, never have you seen such discipline , they even starved nearly to death that winter, their dogs did anyway, they were not good catholics(someone mind telling me who are the bad ones please?)
they were musulmans, yes, their great great uncle sam, the blood runs deeps within that familly, Shona,
married to the cousin of the cousin of the leader of the underground rebel kkk, aint he the lucky one,
they did a secret website,and they are so glad, they have had so many followers, they all exchange their elvis best moments, it is a simple fan page, but shona and her friends at the kkk are often cut off from our world one can say
so Shona tonight may be in shock and washing her clothes that she had still on this afternoon while Stan was getting shot beside her.
she will not see my message and will not give a crap about chess or poker, and so she ll be ignoring my saying poker and chess are boring games.
so our Stan leaves the easties mumbling some sorry,
he bumps into who, Shona,
who else,
they go and do some business, and get some pizza, the chat comes in while they shared a joint with their beer, they know where to go, to get the best weed in town criminals and they give the hookey bad type to jet set and politicians as well, we should know if they were all androïds now would we, there are statistics, lets not fuck poker and chess ‘s national interest now,
“easties” comes in when Shona says that she was lookin for that asshole in the ruffians, the fucker never turned up, so her knowing him, she gets it, and him being Stan, gets it also, he went to easties!
now, the chances of stan reading my message, if he does not now, i cant save him from what happens in that poker room,
downstairs, he did go for it in the morning,
he really should not have come back,
then, who s to say he would not have been crushed by the bus who crashed in the shopping center, the city mall, and he would have died two hours before getting shot then, he would not have had a slimmer chance to read my email
he can still agree with me there, as the fucker walks in like a raging bull,
but gets cooled down by the owner who gets some gun out of under his belt and smiles and goes to the door,
self assured and all,
he turns as he gets ready to put the sign the other way,
it is still on open,
he says, the bells?
winking at raging bull whose eyes are like fireworks on the gun and the hope of winning big
our selfassured turns back round and the sign in hand gets the doors in his face, one of the friends,
the one he avoided this morning, even more thant the rest of the group, his last first boyfriend when he was trapped as he describes it, in a woman s body
Stan s ex boyfriend walks in with a bird on his hand, a tall blond beautifull pinup with a bit of a probleme to walk coud it be the fact that she has big boobs,
far too big for her tiny waste,
and Stan has not decided yet,
yes, some ass has made a website,
you cant be bisexual, you have to choose,
either your gay or your heterosexual, some need to fight so much and badly it seems, or do they fear so much that being gay is a disease you catch, wondering about it is normal and the webmaster of this “masterpiece”, being gay probably wonders what if feels like to kiss a girl, noone said to him he can try or not, and this is not some allergy or some flu it is pheromonal attraction, then if you are lucky you have love, this is a natural stream we all have, there are no markers to who you will love i am afraid to say, it is the road to self exploration!some people are just too lucky or greedy,depending of what mood i am in ,btw. BTW=BY THE WAY
so, our loverboy, he loves chess!!!would you know it?
if he reads my message, he says<<you bisexual bitch !you biwhore fuck! your indecision is evil you retard>>for sure now?
now, the boy gets shot at, does it really matter who mentionned strip poker and when, what the hands were, it is a boring game after all.
are they playing in a room paved in big marbbles chess board of a room, it even has a glitter ball, the bar is vodka only and has thee icecrushing machine of the century
no ice pick in that quiz
did i get what Stan woudl tell me at some point, or shall we finally shoot the son of a bitch!
who shot him?
i know, do you?
Stan, ah
so how many got back to me then?
Shona, did she peak to me that nutcase?
her boyfriend, did they get married?
his uncle?
stan s webmaster latest raw model?
the fucker with the gun?
his wife, who was she again, his ex with no black eye?
and that cheeky owner/landlord in his country?
the blond bloated bimbo or inflated? she has to love all he loves now? according to a social behavioral pattern?
he sure loves a good redneck wank the one who will not be able to read my message now, will he?
he died too, now did he!
before they found out,
wtf do you think, of course, now,
so, them dead, the bodies, once shot and re shot, who gets it?
the mortuary trainee would answer what, as he was palying chess with his phone with his girlfriend at home with their baby finally sleeping,
they are the most insane of that black church, as they are the only black japanese of the whole county with turquoise eyes, the both of them,
they all say behind their backs, that they must be twins
(they look alike! to them, did i tell you about the brain and the disease, that need for genocide, well, it is very sad, but that town, has the highest statistics for that disorder)
as did the village of Sarah, the wifey, she likes to be called like that, her story, the saddest in the world,
she was told by the sort of covenant, who took care of orphans, her father a black drug baron hidden during the day, only ever working his way through and back then it is a luck they had not the “firearm in your pillow tradition” as opposed to his daughter’s town with the highest genocide syndrome population…
we trully did not have enough players, this is why poker and chess are boring to my dna, so little players so little pack of cards, or pieces, there, the father, drugs, they do make you think chess is the best thing on earth, not quite, he got ‘badly’ into poker, and as he died that night, yesterday, today, answering my mail,
<< “hey mail? who s mel?”>>,
well they are both sixty+ year old, but they look fifty!
both the same accent, they did grow up on each side of the same river, other there, one in the orphange, one in the foreigners village, as his mother was a black famous movie singer hollywood star, who had fallen in love with a owner of a circus who loved the same game i treasure mah-jong, who would so tell me yesterday
<<you are so damn right >>



  1. i have i am r e reading , mistakes, yeah, first timer yeah I JUST WANT TO BREAK THE RULES XCX is waiting that long to feel proud, and the reason i will not kill myself, not only do i have family and friends who love me, men falling in love in one hour has to stop and girls wanting to give me sexe online with just my red hair has to stop to, i do feel sad and lonely but i was gifted with my life


  2. i did work damn and dam & fvcking damner at it each day and until i think i do not have any more to give, it means i am not here, even when i look at the sky, i think, thinking is so healthy, i cannot wait to be better with my health however and i know i will have the pen when i get back, but i need to walk, i cannot not cry because of a situation which is like the Al capone , mentioned by your mate if the second tweeted reads because he needs a good laugh


  3. the agriculture , i have to check that out, this is the key, in europe, we have orangeraies, citronières, bananaries, and so on, ask an expert could give you the name then , and if all school in the world share a ‘gardening and cultivating, noone would forget what they eat and where it comes from, economically, it is a blast, kids eat what they make, if one flags the communist flag, i will search his life from top to bottom as the last six months to keep it on a clear slate, i will find more communism than you would ever believe, dont you see? are you all blind to what , and how much you all have been played with, puppets given a tag, now, correct me if i am wrong, division is the mathematical processing of splitting, ladies and gentlemen, we have all our tastes and therefore our needs, which there, we laugh or we puke, there are limits, lines, in all cultures, you all like boxes
    ok, turn it into a marbble, a blue one, then, the beauty of it all being, we put them all in that marble, let me do it, i ll do a story, it will be why am i in love with a pirate when i loose my key and when i find it after all this time, he is not even here or there?


  4. those lines i love, having to put them in that marbble, alone, well, as ever, and i say we, yeah , i use what i see and lived, so us , somewhere in there, this is not for today as i only learnt of the trees on poles, so, i was glad, and on the sand too, i was so glad, but i wondered if it was not fake…so crap


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