to Elizabeth name of a pirate

If i see that name, she is the pirate’s name the most given, but the most impressive one, amanda Ku, sister of Shin Sing, the most impressive related story to that, i found, not so long ago, and inspired i sailed away, driving, of course,, so, anytime i see some boat, or an Elizabeth, i smile, and i fly away to that story, greatest of all, so ‘Elizabeth Chiiti’, a name like that, i surfed on your page, and like my mate’s page, a lot of good stuff that i ll sometimes get the time to enjoy, thanks for my time off work, love sailing to my (stories), but the both of you, will probably wonder if i ll finish the story, or will it be followed by some dude perhaps, yeah,

last check=still hooked over some imaginary love story, in a space pirate environment, of course, what-else for lady, she too has to get the biggest flying missile(oh yeah Harlock/Albator (キャプテン・ハーロック/ ハーロックHārokku) has the biggest one, he is my winner)


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